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Woman Into History


Blanche Armwood was an educator, activist, and the first African-American woman in Florida to graduate from an accredited law school. She was born in an era when women's status was low, a time when legally and socially sanctioned privileges and rights were granted only to white Americans. Blanche devoted her life to pursuing equal rights for blacks and women. These artworks were developed to commemorate her relentless efforts to achieve equity in the humanities, with the hope that viewers remember her—someone who might otherwise have been forgotten in history.

This artwork was one of the personal projects, focusing on rigorous research on the life of Blanche Armwood and typographic experiments.
The artwork received various national and international awards and was also featured in group exhibitions.


Typography, Design Research
Print Design

Awards & Exhibitions

Indigo International Design Silver Award 

UDA Top 3 Poster Designs 

ADAI Poster Design Award
ISTD Excellence Award in Typography

65th Art Directors Association of Iowa Design Exhibition
Visual Voice Juried Graphic Design Exhibition, Roy C.Moore Gallery

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