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Art Direction
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Print & Digital Design

Design Research

Designer / Educator/ Researcher

Hyena Nam

Hyena Nam is an award-winning graphic designer whose work has been recognized nationally and internationally. She is also a design researcher and educator. Originally from South Korea, her design practice has been based in both Korea and the USA. She has worked with clients ranging from corporations to independent businesses in both countries.
Nam's design expertise specializes in Art Direction and Graphic Design
for a wide range of print and digital applications.

With a research-driven approach, she strategically develops visual concepts and creates solutions. When necessary, she collaborates closely with experts in various fields to meet the specific needs of each project.
She earned a BA in graphic design from Cleveland State University and an MFA from Kent State University, focusing on design research.

Nam's scholarly interests include user-centered design, consumer behaviors in relation to visual communication, sustainable design, and user experience design. Since 2021, she has also been teaching in higher education in the USA as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design.

For project inquiries and collaboration
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