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The Graphic Design 4 course focuses on the fields of user experience design (UX), user interface design (UI), and a deeper investigation of advanced typography. Students are introduced to user-centric design thinking processes and practices in UX and UI design. This course also requires students to examine functional and conceptual interpretations, utilizing type to advance their typography skills. Throughout this course, students gain a better understanding of 01) More sophisticated integration of typography.  02) Higher-level formal typographic and aesthetic skills.  03) User-centric design and design thinking.  04) UX design process, UX design research methods, and developing UI design systems.


At this level, students are encouraged to apply for graphic design internships available in the industry or on campus.
The majority of students at this level have engaged in internships while taking this course, such as with
New York Life Insurance, NASA, Dotdash Meredith, The World Food Prize, and local design agencies and corporations.


The student work example below highlights the enhancement of the user experience during exhibition visits, drawing from her own experience at the Louvre museum. She designed the museum guide booklet and map brochure to assist first-time visitors, developed an app design for easy navigation of exhibition information, and designed a promotional exhibition poster. Additionally, she delved into creating a 3D virtual exhibition, offering the public a preview of the event. Throughout this project, the student not only explored the design thinking process to address users' challenges but also investigated the systematic development of both print and digital designs to elevate the overall user experience.


This project resulted from the collaboration of Graphic Design and Game and Interactive Media design. The supervision of graphic design and app design, including user research, was done by Assistant Professor Hyena Nam. The 3D virtual exhibition was supervised by Lecturer Nick Lapole.

Poster and Brochure The Louvre-02.png
Poster and Brochure The Louvre-01.png
Poster and Brochure The Louvre-03.png
6 Photos _ Video.png
App Design Mockup.png
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