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In this course, students have the opportunity to delve into their design interests—whether addressing social issues through design or tackling complex design problems. The entire semester is dedicated to developing individual projects showcased at the senior exhibition for public viewing. The course aims to guide students in understanding how design can contribute to solving real-world problems and expand their knowledge within their specific areas of interest. Students receive in-depth guidance and instructions tailored to their individual interests and needs to explore the topic.


Featured here is a student sample work titled 'How Design Can Help Those Undergoing Intimate Partner Violence,'
a result of interdisciplinary collaboration between the Graphic Design and Psychology departments.

        UX Design Research 1
        UX Design Research 2
        More research
      Design, supervised by Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Hyena Nam.


        Psychology Research on the 'Improving strategies of IPV victims through understanding the effects of personality on IPV victims’ interpretation and stress management,' supervised by Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Kris Owens

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