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The Graphic Design 5 course focuses on the completion of a professional portfolio, personal branding, and preparation for a job search or other post-graduation plan. The course also requires the creation of a resume and other supporting documents, along with research for job applications and professional presentations. Based on students' interests and needs, various professionals from the industry such as web designers, product designers, graphic designers, and creative directors are invited to our class to help students better prepare for their job application and portfolio building. Collaborating with the career center, students also get assistance with preparing their cover letter, resume, and interview. After completing this course, students are fully ready to apply for jobs in their senior year.

At this level, students are also encouraged to participate in local, national, and international design competitions. The works of our students have received numerous awards and recognitions from competitions such as the Indigo International Design Competition, the Art Directors Association of Iowa, the London International Creative Competition, and the Iowa College Media Association.

Below are pictures taken during the students' portfolio review by industry professionals in our classroom. Three professionals, founders of design agencies in Des Moines, were invited for the review, and students had the opportunity to present their portfolios and receive insightful feedback from the industry experts. Additionally, a survey was conducted to gain further insights into students' performances, and the results can be found here.

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